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Dubarry Shoes and Clothes

dubarry boots dubarry shoesDuring the early years, Dubarry took full advantage of the skills of local crafters and quickly started building an impressive reputation for manufacturing Dubarry shoes and Dubarry boots of extremely high quality.

The range of Dubarry shoes and boots are created from raw materials especially selected for their strength and appearance, ensuring the perfect combination of function and form in every pair. Most of the boots from Dubarry are waterproof and made from breathable leather.

Here at Ken Vareys we are proud to supply a wide range of Dubarry products. From boots and deck shoes to shirts, coats and bags we have a great selection for you to choose from. We also offer FREE UK delivery on all our products.

Dubarry Dubarry Bantry Quilted Jacket: Navy

  • Was £249.00
  • Now £199.00
Save £50
Valid until 29/12/2021
Style No.: KV_28642530
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