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Your Must Own a Musto!

Musto clothing

Looking for a little bit of unique style to bring a touch of country class to YOUR autumn wardrobe? Then stick around, because we think that we might just have something that’s going to make your shopping-eyes wide and your treat-sensors go into overload!

If you can contain your excitement, which of course a refined and classy person such as yourself can easily do, then allow us to present to you a choice selection of outdoor clothing that screams luxury. In a refined and classy way, of course.

Musto Windjammer Half-Zip Sweater

Evoke an autumn in Provence with the Vineyard colour of this cosy sweater, which is traditionally knitted from 100% lambswool.

Features such as a ribbed hem and cuffs, poly-suede epaulettes in sharply-contrasting tones and a hydrophilic drop liner elevate this garment beyond mere clothing and into something approaching a work of art.

Musto Light Weight Tweed Jacket

A deep forest green colour is perfect for autumn and the extra warmth given by a unique internal membrane will be welcome when the weather changes. It's windproof and water resistant.

Both smart and casual, this will be on your back all season.

Musto Lightweight Tweed Breeks

Manufactured from ultra-fine traditional Scottish Tweed with a modern Gore-Tex drop liner, these versatile breeks are easy to look after and can be washed in an ordinary machine. 

Check out our entire autumn range – we guarantee you will be excited, delighted and intrigued, one after another. Or all at once – hey, you might as well be just like the autumn weather!

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